Award Winning ECO TOYS and much more...

The Cardboard Magic idea was born from a small but passionate and creative team of people within McGowans Digital Print, a company that was feeling the full effects of COVID-19 as normal business levels went through the floor.

It dawned on us as part of one of many brainstorming sessions back in early March of this year, that we had to try and do something different. We thought of everything, from ‘Garden banners’ to ‘work from home’ desks but we all loved the idea of doing something for the many families who would be spending a lot more time at home, including our own. It also taps into something we are already experts at, making cardboard products.

We wanted something that the family could interact with, send as a gift, something that was challenging, eco-friendly, educational and to offer something that would be accessible to everyone.

Our design people came up with the initial ideas on structure and visuals and we then road tested them with our own kids and the reaction was positive, to say the least. After consulting with the experts (the kids) again, we made some tweaks to our designs and made them available as a new product offering.

WOW, we weren’t quite ready for the surge of interest in them. We were blown away by the feedback and demand for them.

Having caught up with the early demand, we then set about developing new products to cover a wider range of interests for children everywhere. We will continue to tack on new and creative products to keep it interesting and fresh.

We hope you will continue on this journey with us and please if you have any queries or feedback get in touch with us at

Thanks from the Cardboard Magic team