Award Winning ECO TOYS and much more...

How do I make an order?

Simply select the product you like, click on Add To Cart and then Checkout. Enter your shipping and payment details and you’ll be all set.

What size are the toys?

The dimensions of each toy vary and are listed on the product pages.

What are they made of?

They are made from a lightweight 3mm wide, paper based material.

What age groups are these toys suitable for?

We advise that children under 5 should be fully supervised, but the feedback is that all ages up to young teenagers are enjoying building & decorating them.

How long does delivery take?

We aim to fulfil orders within 3-5 days (or sooner) but we ask to allow between 5-7 days before requesting a status update. We also have express shipping options available. See our shipping page for more info.

Are paint sets included with the toys?

At the moment, paints are not an option. We hope to have these available soon to buy on the site.

How heavy is the pack?

The pack is approx. 5kg in weight.

Are they recyclable?

All our toys are 100% fully recyclable.

How long will they last?

Indoor with standard everyday use they should last for months. If left outside or they get wet, the cardboard can warp and be compromised.

What do I do if I get only a partial delivery?

Please contact the team at and they will fix any issues you have.

Will there be new toys coming soon?

YES!! Please check the site for updates or if you have an idea for a toy, please send it to the team –

Do you ship outside Ireland?

Yes, we are sending packs to the UK and Europe.

Yes, please contact us at to make enquiries.